Friday, 13 March 2009


Issue 03 is here!!! Based on the theme 'The Magic Number' which we gave to both musicians and illustrators as well as seeking out illustrators who produce music and musicians who draw in an experiment to unite both and to introduce a musical element to the project.

So we are super excited to announce the edition of a 3 track audio CD featuring exclusively written tracks by John Ringhofer of Half-Handed Cloud, Jim Stoten and The Wizard's Hat's own Andy J.Miller's music project 'Ponstinople Clones' feat Nick Philpin.

We also bring you illustrations by Jim Stoten, Nick Deakin, Nousvous, Gemma Correll, Robert Loeber, Will Bryant, Olimpia Zagnoli, MrGauky, James Gulliver Hancock, C86, HeyHeyHey,Zeptonn vs. Welmoet, Kipi Ki Popo, Edward McGowan, Ashkahn Shapania, John Ringhofer, Andy J.Miller and Jeffrey Bowman.

We have also significantly updated the project section with work for Converse, Poolga and several exhibitions!

As well as all this we have also invested in the quality of print production of issue 03 leaving the slightly too Lo-fi feel behind to introduce a very nice 250gsm cover and 100gsm inners to accompany the hand stamped audio CD

Piff Paff Puff.....

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